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July 2003, I opened a homeschool board at homeschoolforms.com. Despite the existence of multitudes of home-ed forums all across the internet, I started the board because it seemed like a good idea to provide the service. Unfortunately, the longer I had the board, the more time it required to maintain. Due to growing time restraints and not having enough time to work on donnayoung.org, I closed the board about 4 years later. Now, 2 years later, I am finally archiving the discussion threads at HSF Archives.

A Work in Progress

The whole point of this project is to share the supportive messages from the forums. There are many discussions from the forums to archive that other homeschoolers might find useful or encouraging in some way. This project will take a while to complete, meanwhile, I will try to add 10-20 threads a week. If you want to keep on top of this project, you may subscribe to the RSS.

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