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I got to visit with a good friend this afternoon. We got on the subject of school (she also homeschools) and she started talking about her portfolios that she hasn't done and how she got this great idea. She brought out two teacher planners (one for each child), she is going to tell her oldest daughter to write down what she needs to do that day in the planner. Ex. English pg 3 - 4, worksheet A, etc. This way my daughter will learn how to keep records. I thought that was great. She was so excited to have found these planners. I am flipping through the planners and I finally say, "You know has all of these on her web site." (I have showed her this site before) My friend does one of these, " handface.gif You mean I could have gotten all of these forms off of her site...for free!"


I don't know why she forgot, I am always talking about this place. dunno.gif

I told her that the planners she has are very nice, put together and ready to go. She felt a little better after that.

I just thought it was funny.
laugh.gif That is funny Applie.

Sounds like fun! user posted image
Last week I downloaded her household planners. I had never looked at them before, because I was too busy looking at the homeschooling planners!


They are awesome!
I want to order the cd Donna has. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. It's supposed to have LOTS more neat stuff on it! banana.gif I am afraid I have a weakness for "neat" things. stunned.gif

QUOTE (gsmp @ Jul 20 2005, 09:44 AM)
I want to order the cd Donna has. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. It's supposed to have LOTS more neat stuff on it! banana.gif

It does, Ginger. I like it because I can use it without having to be on the internet. The planners are the best. banana.gif
This year I will be using more of the children's journal pages. My daughter will love those. yes.gif
I guess I will have to do that this week then!

Sounds great ... ... thanks Applie.
I use Donna's CD all the time. It even helped me win a bet one time!! biggrin.gif

A friend and I were debating how to write a cursive uppercase Q. I won thanks to Donna's CD. You cannot believe how hard it is to find a cursive uppercase Q around the house! stunned.gif
Kelley ... next time try it with the Z. you wouldn't believe how many people can't make a cursive Z or Q.

For some reason those are the two(that I have found) that people forget how to make... laugh.gif .

It is hysterical to me that cursive it taught in the younger grades and then kind of forgotten as they get older. The schools here let them print, type or write in cursive, but they are allowed their own "creative" interpretations! laugh.gif Actually, I have mine own too and I do not write the traditional way. I just think it is funny.

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