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Portfolio Covers


I am preparing my kids portfolios for this year. I like to use the Portfolio Covers at She has lots to choose from.

Each of my kids are color coded. Example: boy is red, daughter#1 is green, daughter#2 is blue, and daughter#3 is purple. I just print out the portfolios on the color for each child, place them in the sleeve on the front of the binder. I also print up matching spinal covers. That way they can pick up their own books right away.

It gets thinking.gif when you pick up a notebook, bring it to the table, and then realize it is not yours. biggrin.gif So, the color coding helps here. I have also used the same colors for their rulers, pencils, spiral notebooks, and pencil holders.

banana.gif WOW! These are really nice portfolio covers that are easy to print. I just printed one to check it out. I will be using more of these in the future...



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