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Using Donna's Attendance Sheet


I have never kept attendance, but want to start next year. On the 180 Days Attendance Form, I can't figure out how to date it. Do you just add the actual school days (Monday through Friday) or do you add weekends and block them out? Are you suppose to X out the days the student did not attend school?

Thanks for helping me figure this out. biggrin.gif
I just enter the actual dates we do school. That way it doesn't matter if it's a weekend or not, or if it is an odd week. So today I'll just stick 02/22/06 in a block. When 180 blocks are filled, we're done keeping attendance for the year. smile.gif
I use this form, and I use the same procedure as Melanie does.

I have a homemade form that I have used for years. What I do is put a check mark on days school has been done and an X on days that we do not have school.

I also put an F for field trip day.

On my lines I total each month and also keep a running total for the it is at a glance.

I would send it to you, if you would like a copy. PM me with your email. Unless there is another way to post it.

yes.gif Do it like Melanie does it, just write the date in the box. None of the boxes represent weekends; they are all attendance days.
Thanks everyone! That helped. smile.gif
Thanks for starting this thread Applie. I was thinking about doing this for next year. I need to keep better records.
When I used to keep an attendance record I would make a legend at the bottom to help me remember how to mark the days. I would color code half days, full days, & field trip/life experience days. Days we had no school I would X out.
I know I'm new at this, but I found some chart/ledger paper with 31 rows and 13 columns at the local office store. Across the top I put the subjects to make sure we do art once a week, computer keyboarding, music and some of the other *electives.* A check for if we did it or his actual score. This is my monthly record.

I just use the same kind of sheet for the year. The columns across the top are for the month and the days down the side - X for non-attendance, check if we attended. There's space at the very bottom to add up the total number of days attended each month.

I looked at a lot of different things, but this pre-printed/pre-numbered sheet works for me since I'm not the best record-keeper. I know pretty much when we school so even if I forget, I can go back and mark it off.

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