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Hi Gals--- happy.gif
I am feeling I need to use a lesson planner---How many of you use them and which and where can you get the best one--- I have not checked any site yet ( including yours Donna) as I am typing this something tells me I have seen one at your site--Any hoo .. How necessary do you who use planners feel they are or aren't? I trying to be Very prepared for full time mode!! biggrin.gif
Ok Dork alert-- blush.gif --Sorry Donna-- they don't call me Dory for nothing you have a wide range----------thanks
But is still like all of your input on the necessity of them--please biggrin.gif
Donna has some great ones on her web page and the CD, but I chose to go ahead and purchase one from Staples. Actually, I have one for each girl and I really like having them.

We are having printer difficulties and so I can never be sure when I will be able to print. (We need a new one.) Having the at-hand lesson planner is much easier for me bc I plan only a week at a time.

I use the planners that I have on my web site. I used to keep them in a notebook, but for the past few years, I have been gluing the lesson plan right into the books so the kids can work independently. I still keep my master set in one place though. (The master set basically consists of semester planners, one subject per planner page, with the entire year planned)
I use the ones on Donna's site. Love love love them thank you so much. I have to do a lesson plan or i'd lose my mind
I ended up making my own template in Word. I tried several and couldn't find exactly what I wanted (not enough journal space, or the blocks were too small for my writing, etc.) I have a two-page spread for the week with another two-page spread behind it that lists the books that my daughter read for the week, any field trips we took, events we have coming up, etc. I have additional lined journal pages in the back for when I want to add more lengthy notes. Once I got it the way that I wanted I printed off the sheets for a years use and had it spiral bound at Kinko's for about $5. They put a nice clear cover on the front/black on the back, and my daughter even designed a cover for me. smile.gif That's my favorite part. I plan on doing the same thing next year because it's really been handy. Oh - I also keep a calendar in the front with the ps days off marked since my daughter has a lot of friends in the neighborhood.

Next year I'm thinking of adding in blank calendar sheets for each month to keep in the beginning of the planner so I can keep from carrying around a planning calendar for appointments and activities, etc. Still in the planning stages. writing.gif
I started out using lesson planners, but the kids have caught on and are doing everything themselves now. I did feel more in control doing them though... may havta get em out again. whistling.gif
I purchased the Garden Patch CD and use some of them along with many of Donna's. I kind of take what I need from where ever. BUT, being a former financial analyst/accountant I have made several forms in excel. I love excel because you can do just about anything you want in it. I find it much easier than using Word. But, whatever works?! I have a binder for myself and each of my three children. (and then there's my daily planner for my purse, my home management binder... just call me binder queen rolleyes.gif ) I have downloaded the free version of Homeschool tracker but have yet to really use it. Until I can get my computer in the same room where the kids work, I find I won't use it.
I've used the planner pages from Donna's site and others that I've found. I need to get back to having one for each of the kids for those subjects that they do independently. I too feel more in control when I do the planning out on paper. I don't use any computer programs as I can't depend on my computer to cooperate with the printer. I print out one copy when I can for a master and then make copies as I need them.

I've not tried using the purchased planners - just can't spend the money when I know that I can make my own or print them off the net or Donna's CD whenever I need them.

I really do love Donna's CD as there is so much so much on there. yes.gif Lots of extras that aren't on the net.
Here is a time saver when using homemade lesson plan forms. Before making copies of your forms, write in anything that you repeat every week like spelling tests or the name of you dc's workbook. Then, you just have to fill in the page numbers or any information that changes. If you purchase a lesson plan book, you can make a copy of these routine items to glue or staple in every week. I'm sure many of you do this already, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Hope it helps someone! Also, Post-it notes have made my life much easier lately with our ever-changing semi-unschooling / unit studies situation. My dc helps choose the units, but my husband and I make the plans to ensure that we cover all the necessary information and all the essential skills. I tend to over plan, so if I want to use an idea that we don't get to, I can move it to the next week without rewriting it. I also use Post-its to make notes to myself throughout the day about topics or skills that I need to address later. I can quickly put a note on the next day's or week's plan, so I don't forget to take care of it.
QUOTE (hsbeliever @ Mar 30 2005, 12:25 AM)
Here is a time saver when using homemade lesson plan forms.  Before making copies of your forms, write in anything that you repeat every week like spelling tests or the name of you dc's workbook.  Then, you just have to fill in the page numbers or any information that changes. 

I like this idea. I made the mistake of NOT using a lesson planner. I tried using the one that came in each of the books from BJU and ABEKA and ended up totally lost. I am now a huge advocate of lesson planners.

Could that be why I got so far behind? whistling.gif

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