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Portfolio Time Again


Well, it is getting to be that time of year when we have our evaluations happy.gif . How is everyone doing with their portfolios? I have most of my daughters' done, but I still need to write down what we did. For some reason, I just don't like to do this and I wait until the last minute to write it down thinking.gif. Since I wait until the last minute, I'll just to a monthly journal type thing. I also hope for better organization for next year. biggrin.gif

I have all of her awards, field trip photos, work examples already in place. The only things left to put in there are the monthly journals, a portfolio cover, one field trip photos, and list of books we used for the year. I also will be adding to her reading list every day. I have already typed up five pages of her reading books stunned.gif .

We will be taking her portfolio and her body study book with us to her evaluation.
I also have my son's portfolio to finish, but I am not in much of hurry for his to be completed. He will be tested and does not need a portfolio, but our state requires that we keep one for two years. Just need to do the list of books we have used and the monthly journal for his book.
I am up to date on the daily log and examples of their work but I need to make a list of field trips and activities and get pictures developed and placed in there blush.gif
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