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Science, History, and Geography Schedule


Hi Everyone-

I homeschool my children, ages 2 ds 14 and 9. I feel like our schedule is overwhelming but I am afraid to miss out on things if I change it. I personally love Science and History/Geography and we have been doing them everyday. However, I am considering changing our schedule and wondered how often others do Science and History/Geography- what are your schedules like?
We do science and history 3 days a week, only doing both one day a week. Our geography is part of our history curriculum. I could never do them all every day... that sounds like a very long day. I should add that my 8th grader does do science daily, but she works independently.
We do history/geo MWF and science TTH. This has so far worked out fairly good for us if not perfect. I'm not sure what our schedule will be like in the fall as we will be schooling tow kiddos then and still dealing with a preschooler and a baby.
For my 5th grader:

Science: 1st semester/4 days per week
Health: 1st semester/4 days per week

History: 2nd semester/4 days per week
Civics: 2nd semester/4 days per week

I try very hard to do both, each day. I find, if I start out with the hard stuff and then go to the easy is easier to get it all done. So we do Bible/History/Science/Latin and then they can do the rest with stand by help from me. It seems to work for us.

We do everything everyday unless it is going to be a light day. Then we will drop science first, then history. Daughters do everything everyday, except Cassie and I have designed her Economics and Art schedules to be 1X/wk.
On our schedule, we do science and history once a week, but we have been doing much more (almost daily) on both lately. Next year, for second grade, I am going to do history/geography/map skills three days a week and science two.
Hi MK, We do ours in spurts. It depends on what we are working on. Right now we are working on plants for the two younger girls and they are doing that daily. My second grader and sixth grader are not doing science at all right now. smile.gif
Right now we are doing both science and history everyday, but I'm also counting these two as part of his reading course. We are reading a literary style book on an overview of history plus a Christian Liberty Nature Reader. As we get into more difficult material we will likely split this up some.
We do history on Mondays and Wednesdays, and science on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At least, that is what is on the schedule - some weeks we do all of our history on Saturday and science every day, and vice versa. And some weeks all we can handle is math and english. rolleyes.gif



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