Coke Can Chicken

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Need a grill. Always good...always juicy.


  • whole chicken-3-5 pounder
  • can of soda
  • some sort of sauce-like BBQ, A1, marinades, dressing
  • seasoning salt-like Lawry's, Old Bay


Prep your grill.
Prep the whole chicken-wash, remove giblets, dry.
Cover the chicken skin liberally w/seasoning salt. Sprinkle the inside cavity, too.
Open can of soda, drink half of it and make a few extra holes in the top w/a regular can opener. Refill the can with your sauce.
Place the chicken over the can, balance it then carefully place on the grill. Takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Let stand for about 10 minutes, then slice.

Save the carcass and bones for a very tasty stock.

Two chickens fit on a round Weber grill easily. I haven't had good luck w/larger chickens as the thigh area doesn't get cooked enough.

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