Mexican Rice

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You know how much rice your family eats use that same amount.


  • Rice uncooked
  • Tomatoes roughly chopped
  • Onion roughly chopped
  • Water
  • Chicken Boullion
  • Salt (optional)


Chop tomato and onion into med. size chunks. Put in blender with a small amount of water. Blend. You want a nice red color, if it is not read add some more tomato, use the amount of onion your family likes, not more than 4 slices.
Wash rice in a small hole strainer. Wash until water coming from the bottom is clear.
Heat a small pot with a small amount of oil.
Add rice to pot, brown rice. Stirring constantly until brown in color. Add the tomato mixture, wash out blender with more water, make sure you get all of the tomato out of there.
Add Chicken Boullion to taste about 1 spoon and salt if needed.
Cook like normal. Adding water as needed.
When you are familiar with the process you can then start adding veggies. The most common are Peas, Carrots, Corn kernels, or a bag of mixed veggs.

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