Strip Papier-Mache

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This is what we use to make our Dinosaur egg and now our planet Earth. The kids used a balloon for the egg and a cheap beach ball for the Earth. The balloons are popped when the paste is dry. I fill the container (egg or earth) with treasures. When our unity study is completed, the children crack the object and grab for the treasures. Makes a fun ending for a long unit study.


  • old newspapers - torn in long thin strips from the fold down.
  • Wallpaper Paste - get it a hardware stores
  • balloon, jars, light bulbs, beach balls, etc.


Pull strips of newspaper through wallpaper paste and squeezing off extra paste with fingers.
Cover a base (balloon) with paste covered strips; lay strips in one direction.
Apply second layer of strips, running these across the first layer. Continue for 4 or 5 layers.
Allow 1 to 2 days to dry.
I let my dry for about a week, just to make sure it was dry.
Punch hole in balloon and carefully pull out. Fill container with treasures, seal with a few strips of newspapers soaked in paste or cover hole with masking tape.
Have kids paint object.

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