Bean Combinations for Soups

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Commercial Bean Soups Mixes have become popular in the last few years, and can be made at home, using the following quantities. The variety of beans helps add color as well as flavor.


  • 3-Bean Mix: (makes 1 quart) - 1 cup kidney, 1 1/2 cup navy or small white, 1 1/2 cup pinto.
  • 5-Bean Mix: (makes 2 quarts) - 2 cups each pinto, navy or small white, garbanzo, 1 cup each kidney, black.
  • 10-Bean Mix: (makes 3 quarts) - 1 cup each navy or small white, soybean or mung, lima, lentil, garbanzo, kidney, black, pea (whole or split), 2 cups each cranberry or pink and pinto.
  • 13-Bean Mix: (makes 6 quarts) - 1 cup each wheat, yellow peas, lima, mung, garbanzo, 2 cups each navy or small white, blackeye, green peas, lentil, black, and 3 cups each pinto, barley and kidney.


Mix and store for future use or cook and freeze.

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