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help2.gif WOW!! After reading the topic on record keeping, you guys seem to have it all together. I am new to homeschooling (11-2005) I live in fl. It seems like from what Ya'll have said it is best to start from the beginning keeping a portfolio, problem is, I don't even know where to begin. help2.gif
I am using Alpha Omega (lifepac) 8th grade for both my children. Any suggestions?
Thanks stunned.gif
I started in August and am currently under an accredited program where they keep the records ~ however, I won't be with this program next year and have been keeping a "practice" portfolio for this year. I have saved my weekly planner sheets, all tests, special projects and a few daily items to round it out (I have saved her first attempt at writing her name in cursive from August and plan to add her final attempt from the year when we get there.).

There aren't any strict guidelines on what to put in your portfolio in Florida. Here is a good place to see the laws for yourself: FPEA I hope this helps!!! flower3.gif
Thanks for the info. I looked on FPEA, maybe its just me, but I am still confused.

I have a daily log that has the lifepac number(801,802, etc.) than the page numbers and the date. I keep this for Math, LA, History and Science. I also have a space for Bible. There is extra space to add in writing assignments, spelling test, projects, etc. Do I need to have them hold on to all of the pages that they do? Is there a minimum number of hours they are to spend each week on the subject? Sometimes my DD gets done with math in 10 or 15 minutes, other subjects may take 30 to 40 minutes. I need to try and see if I can find more info that is a little more detailed. Thanks so much. flower3.gif
What I do is log all of her subjects, everyday I write down the time that she starts a subject then the time she has finished that subject. I also put the date on everything. For a portfolio, I get a separate binder or folder and place a few samplings of Jessica's work from each subject starting with the first day of school; then skip a couple of months and add a couple more things from each subject. This shows progression in learning and it shows that your child is doing the work. At the end of the year I get a friend that is a registered teacher to do an evaluation on Jessica. For the evaluation I bring Jessica's portfolio and a list of curriculum that we used during the year; for certain subjects like writing I just bring the whole workbook. The lady checks everything and asks Jessica a few questions and fills out the evaluation slip and I send it in to the school board. I highly recommend that you find a local homeschooling group in your area if you haven't already. They will help you out by showing you or telling you how to start a portfolio, also they can recommend certified teachers that can do your child's evaluation.

Heather in Fl. smile.gif
Thanks for the help. I wasn't going to join one because my DD only wanted to finish out this year, but now that she has decided to finish high school at home, we will definitely join one. Once again THANKS. flower3.gif
If you have any questions or need examples I would be glad to help. yes.gif

Heather in Fl. smile.gif
Florida is so relaxed. No minimum hours are required, no logging times or days. And you don't have to keep every page your student completes. Just keep enough stuff to show progress and that you are doing something. Florida's system of checks and balances comes with the annual evaluation. There are five options: standardized testing (I chose this), evaluation by certified teacher, psychological evaluation, a state assessment test, and "anything else mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent." flower3.gif

So what your saying is that I may be keeping a little too much information! dunno.gif
So if I keep a log or summary of what they do each week (life pac number, pages, spelling test, writing assignments and such), that should be ok for their portfolio and than maybe put in the test from each lifepac they do and than some of their writings and info on their science project, that would be enough?
You guys are a GREAT help. Thanks flower3.gif
QUOTE(bjsmi27 @ Jan 14 2006, 03:41 AM)
So if I keep a log or summary of what they do each week (life pac number, pages, spelling test, writing assignments and such), that should be ok for their portfolio and than maybe put in the test from each lifepac they do and than some of their writings and info on their science project, that would be enough?

That's about right. This is what I do.

Monthly journal for each subject. One page (with each subject on it) per month. smile.gif
Reading list, includes books on tape, newspapers, Bible, anything they read or was read to.
Curriculum Used: Our evaluator requests this, I am not sure if it is required.
List of field trips or activities

I put in there any certificates they have earned. The last one that is in there now is a Certificate of Achievement for climbing the lighthouse. laugh.gif

Pictures of any of their activities. Could be a project they worked on or a field trip. Whatever I want or the kids want in there.

Then I have dividers for each subject and each one has samples of their work and all of their tests.

That is all that I put in there. I did start a topic on this a while back. I'll have to hunt it down and bump it up. It is getting to be that time to work on it again. smile.gif Donna has many wonderful forms to use for your portfolio. smile.gif
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