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How about the Lifepacs?


How about the Lifepacs? Anyone use them? My 15 yo gets SOOO overwhelmed at the site of books, I thought this may be easier? We are going to have to re-do the 9th grade, she is just so behind in math, science and Grammar. Right now, we are doing Saxon math 8/7, history Abeka 7th grade, Science Abeka 7th . Grammar, Abeka 8th(?) Anyway, I do like Abeka and Saxon, I Love Saxon math. Just wondering what you all thought.
Beth AK
We are using some of the lifepacs.

I have the Language Arts Lifepacs for 2nd, 4th & 8th. My daughter really likes the 8th grade language arts so I will probably be looking at 9th for next year. I don't know anything about the other subjects.
We used a few sets for highschool.

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