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Nervous About Homeschooling High School


This scares me......just the thought of taking the kids thru high school scares me to death... !!! I know that 8th grade is one of those pivotal here is my question...... What do I do.....can someone give me some of your advice on what you did and how you planned for it..... I am so afraid of screwing up her education. I just want some thoughts .... .please ......
You're going to be GREAT!
I think so too! Since I use a "boxed" curriculum, I really can't give any was already planned for me.....(that is why I use a box curriculum.......) Anyway, I know that you won't screw her education up, and you are going to be wonderful!
First thing I want to tell you is something I heard this year from the LLATL lady when I saw her speak "God has a plan for your child and you can't mess it up!" We did Apologia General Science Abeka World History Literature to go with history(If you want book list let me know) Writing all with co-op We tried Saxon Algebra I but in retrospect I would have done Algebra 1/2 We ended up using library books and web site to sew up wholes for Math. Wordly Wise for Vocabulary I know you can start your book list in 8th grade(a record of books your child reads) and some classes can even count toward your high school transcript. Cafi Cohen's book about Homeschool College admissions has a checklist for 8th grade which freaked me out because I didn't read it until 8th grade was over I would just school like you always do and make rough plans according to your state's requirements for high school. The reason the LLATL lady feels confident to tell homeschool moms the above statement is that we all are doing everything we can everyday to give our kids the best education we can. You will do great
Thanks for sharing the positive feedback that I will do great....... School2...that is a good idea on the booklist ... I need to check that out ... I haven't even looked at what Virginia's requirement for 8th grade is yet ... I need to be more like quiltinmommy and get this ball rolling now.... At least that will help me with what I need to plan for next year.
I think you are doing great! And, you are going to be fine. But, I understand your nervousness. I am planning for 6th grade and I keep thinking middle school? aaahh!! Anyway, I guess I don't have any advice for 8th grade since I am not there yet. But, I wanted to encourage you. I know that you are going to do a great job!!
I was scared too Ginger and the feeling didn't completely go away.

These are the publishers that we used for 8th grade:
English: BJUP
Math: Saxon
Science: Apologia
History: BJUP

QUOTE(Donna @ Mar 11 2006, 02:06 PM)
I was scared too Ginger and the feeling didn't completely go away.

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It's definitely a leap of faith. Courage=being afraid and doing it anyway smile.gif

Donna you are a wonderful encouragerIPB Image

I think Dr Wile's lecture on high school helped as well yes.gif the high school post in my blog has a link.
Ginger with all the good advise you've given me I know you will do fine. You seem to me to be creative and resourceful. Chin up IPB Imageand let God lead you.
Ginger, you know that you can do this. It will be fine. You just need to keep in mind that you love your children and that the Lord and Randy are telling you that you are to do this. Now just get some books about homeschooling for 8-12 grade, read them with a open mind, and then take out of them what best fits yours and Randy's idea of what your children need to learn. I'm sure we will be talking long nights when I get back to that point with my children. When I schooled Re. for 8th grade we used Saxon for math and Alpha Omega LifePacs for everything else. She went to school for high school but did just fine. You can do this. I know you can you just need to hear it.
Everyone has said this already, but You Can Do This!
Dr. Pepper
We are not there yet but many of my friends are using Teaching Textbooks for Math. My husband is a math major and he is very impressed with the layout of it. Very expensive but something dc can do on their own. They work out every problem step by step so the dc can see where they went wrong.

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