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Working on Portfolios


I am so far behind!!!! I have to start working on it this weekend.

Coming to this forum every now and then is a great reminder for me to keep up on my record keeping. rolleyes.gif
I need to print out photos of things they have done and put them in the portfolio. I am doing better about keeping them up this year, than last year. happy.gif
I am way behind on ours. stunned.gif
I have a 3-ring binder with my log of days. I also must keep a log of books read and used that is on a spreadsheet. I print out each month's log of books on the last day of the month.

I am hoping the new law in this state passes - no more portfolio to show the sd, just show to evaluator and the letter from evaulator will be what goes to sd.
Hey I'm new here and to homeschooling. I haven't started yet, but I'm reading up to be prepared when I do.

Is there a particular way you all like to organize your kids' portfolios? Does everyone basically do the same type of portfolios? Are your kids' portfolios like the records public and private schools keeps for your kids?
I think you'll find almost as many different kind of portfolios as there are homeschoolers. smile.gif

We keep records mainly by making scrapbooks or notebooks of all our activities. The extra stuff that don't go in the notebooks I keep in a 3 ring binder under headings per subject. My 3 ring binder typically also contains goal sheets, planning sheets, a log of books read, a list of field trips, and a list of resources.
Our books are a lot like Sumi's. Each child has their own. I have divided the sections up like this: God's Child (tells about the student and any awards they have won), Records (monthly journaling of what they did, books used, field trips), Math, English, Writing, Spelling, Science, Geography, History, Etc. (art, P.E., music), at the very end the kids like to put some of their drawings in.

We also do notebooks. Right now we are working on a body study. Once it is all done, I will have it bound. In the this notebook will be a list of books, videos, fieldtrips, worksheets, activities, experiments, coloring pages, etc. All in one notebook. This will be given to the evaluater, along with the portfolio. That is how we do things. smile.gif
I put together a 3-ring binder for each of the kids at the beginning of the year, intending on making portfolios for each of them. Well...since the state doesn't require it, and we began homeschooling at the last minute, I haven't exactly kept up...

But, I'll be ahead of the game for next year! I'm making up my lesson plans for the year in excel for next year and I'll be ready. clap.gif



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