We Have to Eat.
We Don't Have to Like it, but it's Nice when We Do.

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About HSF Cookbook

This cookbook is a collection of recipes that were shared by the members of a forum that was located under this URL, homeschoolforms.com. The members of the forum were enthusiastic about sharing recipes in the cookbook and, over time, they added about 700 recipes. I used to run the forum and now I am happy to be able to maintain the recipes under this URL.

Questions About Recipes - I can answer questions about recipes that are Submitted by Donna Young or Tested by Donna Young but no others.

Substitutions: If you write me to ask, "Can I substitute this..", I will not know unless it is one of my recipes and then only if I have tried the same thing.

Disclaimer regarding recipes submitted by others: I've faithfully maintained all of the ingredient proportions and instructions as first written by the original submitter, therefore; I offer my apologies if a recipe fails to produce a wondrous dish, but it's not my fault. It is also not my fault if the dish turns out well. Either way, I do not take credit or blame.